Midjump: Interview with The Hop-Ons Podcast

December 20, 2020

Are we back?! Not really, haha, sorry. BUT, we have a very interesting interview with Colin Cox and Jon Phelps from The Hop-Ons Podcast. The Hop-Ons Podcast typically covers television shows (specifically, it has run through both Arrested Development and Twin Peaks), but there's a bit of a connection to video games that comes up in the interview that we think our listeners may appreciate. This episode was a lot of fun to record, so let us know if more off-topic interviews like these are your jam.

Also, although the podcast has slowed down, there have been tons of amazing articles over on the main website coming out throughout the last year. Make sure to take a look!

And remember, STAY SUPER!!

The Hop-Ons Podcast:

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